If I were lost on a stranded island… (books keep us uncrazy)

If I were lost on a stranded island, I would bring these three books. I chose these books because they having meaning (or practicality) in them. Lets be honest here, being stranded on a deserted island (probably alone) would absolutely suck but having a few good books would make it slightly less horrible. So here is the weird list of books that I would have along with me; If i had the choice to choose that is..

Book #1:

“The boys book of survival”

This book is the most basic of basic survival skills. My dad has had this book on his shelf for years! Its super basic survival (how to build a fire, how to build shelter, finding water, etc) and it would be very helpful to have this book as a reference, just in case I did not know this stuff already. Wait, why wouldnt I have a “how to build a raft” book? Because I am honestly terrified of water and the ocean. Drifting aimlessly at sea is a nightmare that I would not want to live. Ill just stay safely on dry land.

Book #2

“Alas, Babylon”

Got to have some entertainment, right? This is easily one of my favorite end-of-the-world-disaster books (even though it was written in the 50’s) and I must have read this hundreds of times. Bringing this book would be a good way for me to keep my mind from going crazy and lets be honest, we all need that.

Book #3

A basic journal.

Not really a book but if I were to be rescued and have kept a journal, they could publish it and I would receive some money! I could even get creative with the writing utensil and write with a rock or something. Get old school, you know. Even if I died, eventually that journal would be found so either way, I win!

Thanks for reading.