Lost, is one thing no one wants to be. Especially in an island alone where all you have is the elements and for your luck three books for you to read. Now in this situation you can have three books of your choice. My selection of book will be pretty clear for me. The first book that I would have with me would be “Simple Machines” ¬†written by Deborah Hodge. The reason is pretty simple if I am stuck on and island and have to force myself to survive I will have to make shelter somehow. Simple machines make life way easier. It will help me work smarter instead of harder and in a rare situation that I am stuck on an island I will need to learn how to conserve my energy and work smarter. My second option would be the book “hatchet” written by Gary Paulson . The story is about a boy who is taking a small private plane to visit his father,when suddenly the pilot got a heart attack. The plane ended crashing in the woods and the boy had to learn how to survive all on its own. In my situation I would feed off his ideas of survival and use it myself while also using reference from my simply machine book which the boy didn’t have in his disposal. And last but not least if I where stuck on an island a book that I would have would be “Artamene ov le grand cyrvs dedie a madame la dvcheese de longveville” Written by george de scudery. I have absolutely no idea what the book is about, but it is considered the worlds longest book according to the Guinness world record book with an outstanding 13,095 pages. I choose this book because it will entertain me when I am not busy building simple machines and trying to survive. Now I ask you the reader what three books would you use and why.¬†toberua