Favorite childhood book: Tiger Lily

One of my favorite books to read growing up was “Tiger Lily” by Jodi Lynn Anderson. It’s the story of Peter Pan but in the perspective of Tiger Lily the Indian Chief’s daughter. I read this book in a week and even then I had to make myself put the book down because I didn’t want it to end so quickly. I think I really enjoyed it as much as I did because I was able to relate to Tiger Lily of all characters. She was seen as an outcast despite her social class because of her tomboy-ish attitude and lack of girly traits amongst her tribe. She is portrayed as determined and quiet and its not until she meets Peter Pan that she allows herself to have fun and even fall in love. The story captures their child-like love story and the perfect world she found herself in until Wendy Darling and her brothers arrive in Neverland. From there you see her experience true heartache and jealousy and even act out in spite.

My favorite parts of the book were when her and Peter were alone, what he’d confess to her and how she internalized it. You can tell she is detached from her feelings and that being involved with a boy is all new to her. He wants her to be the “mother” of the Lost Boys. Tiger Lily although she does not entertain anything romantically, she has a very motherly nature and finds herself sneaking off to be with her other family. Everything is kept innocent between her and Peter as they assume the roles of the parents. Its not until Wendy comes along and Peter has a new fascination that Tiger Lily feels abandoned and left behind. I could feel the connection with Tiger Lily’s pain and even though she doesn’t win the boy in the end, forced in an arranged marriage and she loses someone in her tribe, she separates herself from all this negativity and finds peace spiritually.