The Lost Books of the Bible, Alternative Tales of the Story

Christianity, the most popular religion worldwide with 2.04 Billion Followers. But did you know there are actually missing pieces that were purposely left out of our modern Bibles?

MARYWhy were some books of the Bible left out of the current book we all know today? Were the alternative tales important to the entire story?

The Book of Enoch, The Book of Jubilees, The Life of Adam and Eve, The Infancy Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Mary, and The Apocalypse of Peter are just a few examples of the books that never made it the final rendition of the Bible.

Approximately one hundred and fifty years after Jesus was born, a wealthy church member named Marcion decided that a Christian Bible was a necessity. According to Marcion, it was to replace the Hebrew Bible.

Leaders of the churches at this time opposed Marcion. They did not want to ban the Hebrew books. However, they agreed that Christians should have a Bible of their own.

Fast forward to the 4th century. Roman Emperor Constantine the Great converted to Christianity. After this had happened a serious effort was made and a Christian Bible was made.

This new Christian Bible included both Hebrew scriptures, which are referred to as “The Old Testament” and Christian manuscripts which are referred to as “The New Testament.”

It took another forty years before the list of New Testament books were officially canonized, or recognized, by the church. Many of the most popular were excluded.


  1. I enjoyed reading your observations on the bible and its missing elements.I find many of these things to be true and very compelling. Great post.

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