High school newspaper :)

In high school I was on the newspaper staff from sophomore year until I matriculated. It was actually considered an English class and you had to be nominated be a teacher and interviewed before being selected to participate. It was extra fun because this class conveniently took place during the regular school day and replaced the last class period for members of the staff.

Overseeing everything was our teacher. Under her was our Editor in chief (always a senior), there was someone responsible for graphics, another in charge of advertising, and then each section had its own writers/reporters and editors. We had two kinds of photographers: ones responsible for campus life and ones that would go off campus to various locations (mainly to follow our school’s teams to their away games.) The curriculum involved a pragmatic approach to the world of journalism that reached beyond the walls of a classroom. Some of my fondest high school memories involve my friends and I roaming around campus after I’d pulled them out of their regular classes; because I had needed to interview them for a story… Maybe I did abuse those privileges– just a little bit.

This course was not only educational, it also served to satiate two of my passions (writing and photography) at a time when I desperately needed to find a positive creative outlet. Looking back, it was this class that was the most impactful.