My Time in The Newspaper Industry


I started about 5 years ago. At the age of 16, I found I had a great interest in photography and writing after practicing for some time

I discussed working for my father in writing and designing and photographing small web adverts for his web presence. After I showed promise my father introduced me to a new partner of his at the time named Tom Palermo.

From there time seemed to fly past me. I pushed hard to be advanced from small time web publishing for smaller stories into field journalism reporting on crash scenes and taking photographs for local news outlets. Not too soon after that Space Coast Daily took off reaching a massive amount of individuals in our direct area and the demand for my ability had to grow. Eventually, I was working full time. Standing side by side among other already graduated and veteran reporters who have been in the field for an incredible amount of time showing me the ropes and the tricks to the trade first hand.

That experience is some of the most valuable i have attained so far. From what I have learned in my time with newspapers is that it is a fast paced environment and more time than not, luck and a hell of a lot of back breaking work is all that those perfect stories and jobs come from.

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