As time goes by, newspapers become less and less apart of peoples lives today. News papers used to be a great way to catch up on all sorts of news and events that were taking place. Whether it was local news or worldwide news, newspapers seamed to be virtually the only way to access and stay connected to current news taking place, but that was a long time ago before the internet was created. The internet has evolved and has made newspapers a non-necessity. On the internet you can get instant news and updates  on any sort of event or action you desire to keep up with. No one ever has to wait until the next day to get the newspaper in the morning to get updated on your local news. I once used to be a paper boy for the Orlando sentinel and my job was to go door by door promoting the news paper in an attempt to get people to subscribe the news paper. From that experience I learned that newspapers were no longer a thing.It was pretty much impossible to get anyone to subscribe to the newspaper unless I pitched them a sad pity story. No one wants the news paper anymore because no one needs the newspaper. They have television, they have computers, they have smartphones, newspapers might as well go instinct because each year the rate of newspaper readers is going to just continue to drop.