The paper

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Today I will voice mine on newspapers. Newspapers have been for a very long time; before I was even born in 1996. I still remember my grandpa reading the paper back in Dominican Republic, I could never find myself reading the newspaper I always found them to be long and boring. Do not get me wrong Back in its infamy I can guarantee that the newspaper was the go to for news. I am am almost certain that if you did not receive or purchase the newspaper you were very behind on everything news,but times have evolved growing up in the late 90’s the newspaper was already in decline because of the world wide web. The news was becoming more accessible to everyone cause a decline in newspaper sales. One question that I would love to get answered ¬†would be how are newspapers still going today with all the online competition that it has. Why would anyone want to buy a newspaper when I could easily go to and check the news online. My family still receives the newspaper every week on our lawn and we also get a lot of magazines in the mail,But the only thing I personally find that the newspaper is good for would be to clean the mirrors in the house and clean the car windows.