my hope for newspapers

As long as I can remember, newspapers have been my primary source of communication. I liked the variety in content; themed feature layouts, and Local, state or associated press news always provided me with a new fact about something. I liked how news articles could be referenced and have additional content, like infographics and pictures. Although the speed of internet has created some serious competition, I think the challenges will allow newspaper to evolve and not go completely extinct.

I think when people think of newspapers, they automatically associate it with a daily printed publication. But to maintain, newspapers have to evolve and put more emphasis on digital content. Prior to the internet, newspaper access was simply door-to-door and news was delievered in the AM. But now when you go online, you can access the host newspaper and read articles at anytime when you subscribe to a digital service. Even though state and national news is ideal, people still want information on their local happenings. Newspapers have not gone completely extinct because they fulfill the need that the other types of media can not completely fulfill. There are many different social media sites, hashtags and trending topics, but the shelf life is short. Sometimes there is news behind a story but a lot of the internet is just temporary entertainment. Even with social networking sites and different online sites of media outlets, certain publications like the New York Times, Washington Post or Miami Herald newspaper have a respected legacy that gives legitimacy to online content. As long as newspapers keep providing newsworthy content with integrity, they will be able to sustain. #DontGiveIntoTheTrends