Are magazines still a thing?

I now have a clear understanding that newspapers and magazines were a very big deal back during the infamy of the United states. I will share with you my opinion on Magazines. I could never say that I have read a magazine from cover to cover, now what I can say is that I have seen a magazine from cover to cover there is a big difference between reading and seeing a magazine. The type of magazines that have caught my attention over the years would be magazines that appeal to Pc enthusiast and Pilots. Other uses that I have see involving magazines would have to be for ¬†arts and craft. I remember very clearly cutting out letters from magazines to spell out my name in 2nd grade or cutting out places that we would want to visit we grow up. If you are reading this and decide to respond to my post I would like for you to answer the following. When was the last time you picked up a magazine and either read it or look at it from cover to cover? I my opinion I believe that Magazines are played out and it’s just a contributor to all the trees being chopped down. With that statement I am not saying that magazines shouldn’t be available online; because if magazines have made it so far it must have a good amount of consumers, but I believe paper copies of magazines have to go. If you feel otherwise please respond and we will have a great discussion.