I think magazines still have a chance to be relevant. Like Newspapers, magazines will need to rebrand and shift their format of delivery. Paper magazines are great by subscription for public places where someone will be idle, but if they are the ones providing the media content, there should be no problem obtaining membership. Nowadays the importance of articles being liked, shared or commented on are just as important in accquiring advertisements and sponsors. Even when I am on facebook, I rely on the source of the article before deciding to read it. I am more likely to read and share an article if it from a magazine or newspaper than any website.

How can a magazine rebrand itself besides social media access? There are the digital subscriptions for tablets, as well as expansion of available content. Magazines rely heavily on advertising, but stories and features don’t create themselves. A lot of magazines now are collaborating with bloggers to offer creative features, as well as posting video clips and members-only exclusives. I don’t think magazines will fade out completely because they offer too many options for different audiences.

Personally, I love magazines. They have great features, themes and relatable content. Not everyone is completely relient on social media or internet to have downtime – sometimes it’s nice to sit down and read a magazine for 20 minutes or just flip through a random magazine to see some cool DIY or fashion. The visuals provided by magazines aren’t usually in newspapers and inspire the artistic person.