Ruling the world with EMPIRE magazine…

In my humble opinion, I think magazines are on a slow decline and in just a few short years, will no longer exist.

With that being said, I love magazines when it comes to the entertainment issues (Empire, entertainment, sci fi, etc) and here’s why:

  • Some interviews can only be found in the magazine itself. For example: I recently bought an issue of Empire that had an interview with Harrison Ford that could not be found online. In the interview, Ford discussed what he thought about the tragic end to his character Han Solo. Although this interview can be found online NOW, it took a while for the internet to catch up (which is rare!)
  • The online version of the magazine just cant replace the awesome cover that comes with the physical copy. Come on, a special edition of Kylo Ren that changes every time you look at it is pretty freaking sweet!
  • Being able to ignore the world completely when reading something that totally interests you. This doesnt just apply to book and magazines. This also just looks better holding a physical copy of something when you are sipping your coffee (or tea, because I hate coffee) in a starbucks or in the valencia library. The world is so digital nowadays that having an actual copy of something is getting rare to see. Weird, because holding a physical copy is so much better (in my opinion).

To wrap it up, I really hope that magazines stick around for a few more years. Every month I come into work and grab the issues of Empire and SciFi and read it in the break room. I may never get used to having to read my favorite magazine on my tablet. BfCAd7SCcAARpSI empire-magazine-star-wars-the-force-awakens-subscribers-bb8-cover-revealed PHGH0qEpy9pXJP_2_l Suicide-Squad-Edited-Empire-Magazine-Cover-Jared-Leto-as-The-Joker-suicide-squad-38989083-1000-1298 X-Men-Days-of-Future-Past-image-x-men-days-of-future-past-36532809-599-777



  1. I think to say that one day magazines will no longer exist is a bit of a stretch. There are currently alternatives to hard-copies and the industry is working on ways with digital editions and apps to keep up their consumers. Granted they may not be able to achieve covers that change as they move, the interviews that you love will still be there as will all the other content.

  2. I agree that the magazine is on the decline, however, I don’t think it will ever go extinct. As you stated the magazine does provide info that cannot be found on the internet on occasion. Also, I couldn’t agree more that the online version of a magazine just isn’t the same as the hardcopy.

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