The comic book industry

Like my fellow classmate said in the first post, before last class I knew absolutely nothing about comics books or the comic book industry. Although we have established in class that the comic book industry is slowly dying out,we cant deny that there was a point where the industry was as juicy as the current political debates. Im making this statement based on the information that I learned in class;That the creator of spider-man left marvel and went on to a different company. The worst thing about it was that the creator had absolutely no control/rights over the character. If it was a minor character like the guy who created frozone it would not be such a big deal, but this guy is the creator of Spiderman. I am pretty sure that the spiderman figure has made billions of dollars in movies,apparel,toys,video games ect. Yet the creator barely saw a penny. This may not seem like a big deal now but I am almost sure that this was the main topic at comic cons and other comic related activities. The reasons why he left company is still unknown to me but in his situation I would of stayed and raked in the benefits. I do understand that character created belonged to the company, But as recognition for a huge success of a character he would have been promoted or given some type of raise,thats just my opinion. If you knew that you have just created a legendary hero would you leave the company who gave you the tools of creation ?