Comic Books

To be honest before class last week I had never really taken an interest in comic books. I have seen some superhero movies based on comic books and I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead so it seems like comics are really good stories. After the discussion last class I decided to look more into comic books, so I asked my brother who is a huge comic book fan if he could tell me anything interesting about them. I learned that Marvel Comics and DC Comics have co-owned the trademark for the phrase “super hero” since 1981. They pursued this action because the toy company Mego, which made licensed toys of DC characters, had beat them to it. Mego gave up the trademark when the two companies threatened legal action. Also Marvel Comics owned the rights to the word “zombie” from 1975 through 1996, when they realized it was impossible to enforce the trademark. There are a lot of interesting facts about comic books and the companies that make them and I’m glad we learned about them in class.enhanced-23671-1404851681-1