My favorite Graphic Novels and why.


There has always been one thing that I typically keep a secret from people until they truly get to know me and that is that I love graphic novels and collect them adamantly.

Out of all my favorite graphic novel series/characters, my #1 favorite is Nightwing. Nightwing, AKA Dick Grayson, was once Batman’s apprentice Robin and went on to do his own thing after Bruce Wayne’s death. Grayson is a total bad*** with an awesome backstory and he never fails to beat the bad guy! If you ever see my car, you’ll see the awesome Nightwing sticker I have on my back window. True fan, right here. (I even collect the original 1996 Nightwing issues).

Next, X-men is my all time favorite franchise. There are so many characters and so many awesome back stories that are super interesting to read about. Personal favorite: Magneto. Typical, I know, but a holocaust victim filled with rage who can bend medal? Yeah, the best. I also love Gambit simply because of his accent and his non-chalant attitude about everything. I also cant forget about Jean Grey but thats because my name is Jean Ley. Basically, if you havent read xmen, you are truly missing out.

Lastly, my NEW favorite graphic novel is Aquaman new 52. Original Aquaman is terrible. Really really terrible. But the New 52 version of him is really fantastic and gives him an awesome story and character development. Arthur Curry, AKA Aquaman, is extremely insecure about who he is as the king of Atlantis and upset because he doesnt fit into the society on land. Geoff Johns (the writer) does a super awesome job in redoing his character and making him not extremely stupid like the original stories.

Who cares about any of this, right? Well, if you arent as big of a graphic novels fan as I am you are truly missing out on beautiful artwork and cool characters.


  1. you’re right! that is a really cool sticker… thanks for sharing it 🙂

  2. I’ve never been into comic books but I love the X-men movies. After watching them and the interesting class we had on comic books and especially after your post I might just have to pick up my first comic book!

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