Comic books have influenced many generations with their wide range of super-heroes. It’s interesting how the thought of super-heroes provide a sense of hope and believability for the readers. At one point you could only read about the super-heroes in the comics and now we have movies and television shows that bring these heroes to life. All different backgrounds and specific super-powers have shaped these characters into what we know them as today. It’s one thing to see these characters come to life on the big screen and another to read about them in the comics. The intricate drawings and bubble text while flipping through the glossy pages of a comic book is what for so many readers brings the characters to life.

I personally have never read a comic book but I am very familiar with the different characters. It’s cliche but my favorite super-hero is Batman; I know he’s not technically a super hero since he wasn’t born with special powers but it’s the multiple layers of his character that really intrigue me. Torn between what’s right wrong like so many humans he’s forced to make difficult decisions. The fact that the character is human makes it’s more relatable to me because he acts based on emotion. While he may not always do the right thing he risks his life to be batman to protect his city and people that he loves. While I don’t read comics I think they’re important to have around because for so many young kids and adults it’s their outlet in life and gives something to look forward to.