Electronic Music Festivals


The evolution of music has also created different outlets for people to gather and enjoy live music. From concerts to Woodstock, to today’s Coachella and Ultra, music festivals have become a cultural gathering ground for today’s youth. Ultra Music Festival is a 3 day long festival which takes part in Bayfront Park, Miami, Fl. Being home to 330,000 people from over 80 different countries. It is part of the last weekend of the Winter Music Conference which is a week long event holding pool parties and events showcasing different DJ’s from all over the world. This is a festival I hold very near and dear to my heart, because it was my first at the young age of 14. I introduced myself to the scene with my cousin and a friend and we haven’t been able to see our way out of it since. This is a community which embraces “Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect”, also known as PLUR much like a modern day Woodstock. The crazy outfits add to the effect of us accepting everyone regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual preference, likes and dislikes, etc. I am forever grateful for being able to be a part of a generation who even throughout our social conflicts and disagreements we can all come together to be part of one event that can unite us all through music!