Musical thoughts

If I were to use one word to describe music it would be POWERFUL. The older I get the more I realize just how amazing music is. Music can change anyone’s mood in a matter of seconds. Music is also used ┬áto describe peoples thoughts and emotions. I personally like listen to a variety of music. From the typical Bachata which is the typical genre in Dominican Republic, all the way to hip-hop and rap. A certain genre that has become extremely mainstream in the last few years has been electronic dance music better known as edm. Once cant just grab a guitar or drums and just start playing. In better terms Electronic dance music is just a mix of sounds. Recently there have been many music festivals all devoted to electronic dance music. I was fortunate enough to experience on of theses festivals, it was called sunset music festival and it is held in Tampa every year. It is a two day event and if I were to use one word to describe it, I think if would be “expression”. At these music festivals no one is judged,everyone gets to wear whatever they want,Some people barely wear anything. The event has three separate stages and each stage always has a Dj playing ,the hard part is deciding who do you want to listen. There is also no age limit for the people who attend while I attended the event I personally saw a man who have to be in his 60s I also saw people in wheel chairs. It is all about expressing yourself through music. It was an amazing experience that I will love to do again and I would recommend to anyone. If you have ever attended a music festival please share below I would love to know your experience.