My Radio

I think it would be really cool to own a radio station, but i know that it wont be an easy task unless one have a great team that supports you. This reminds me on an episode of saved by the bell where Zachary and the gang found a radio station in the basement of their high school and they decided to start it back up. If I were to find a radio station under Valencia I will start it back up without hesitation. Of coarse I would file the necessary paperwork to do it. I would make it a 24 hour station during the day it will be split between music and talk sessions,and at night it will be strictly music. During the day as I mentioned I would have talk sessions.  I would have a segment where Valencia students would call in an talk about what to expect on certain midterms and finals. It would be like a review for everyone who is listening. I would also mention school announcements three times a day.  Closer to night time I would let listeners call in any parties or events that are going down in the Orlando Area. Of coarse since the radio station would of been found at Valencia it will be a low powered stations so only students within 7 miles would be able to tune in the the greatest college radio station. It will also be ran strictly by volunteers, if it becomes a hit I would consider expanding the signal and even include our fellow neighbors from ucf.