When I was younger I was a big fan of the radio. I didn’t have a cellphone that I could buy music on and I didn’t really use the computer so the radio was the only thing I could listen to music on. I liked shuffling through the stations to find a song I liked and in the morning I liked listening to the talk shows. But then I got an Iphone and I discovered that there was so much more music out there than whats on the radio. I discovered bands they never play on the radio and started to notice just how repetitive the radio is. I hate how I only hear the same 20 songs on every station all day everyday. Most of the songs aren’t bad but having to hear those songs over and over again ruins them. So I decided to make an account on a music streaming app and buy an aux cord for my car. I can listen to whatever song I want without having to listen to a million commercials in between. If radio stations played a bigger variety of music and played different songs throughout the day it would be a lot better. And I think it has lost a lot of its audience to bluetooth and aux cords because of the lack of variety.