Interesting !

I have learned alot of interesting things in this class some of them I knew already but post of the things that we have talked about is new to me. Something that I came to realize in this class is really how broad the mass communication spectrum really is. Before the class if someone were to ask me to give them examples of mass communication I would tell them public speaking like what our presidential candidates are currently doing, standing up on stage and talking to the masses. But in reality Mass communication is all around us. Books,Magazines,Newspapers,television, and even the radio. These are all ways that people and other groups trying to get their message out to the rest of the world. I specific section that I found interesting was when we recently talked about magazines, Growing up I would always see magazines at salons and barbershops but I never really though much of it I actually thought they were pointless since after a day everything on it would probably be outdated but I came to realize that its not necessarily the case and from listening to my classmates speak magazines are kind of a big deal. And that movie that we saw before spring break really made me realize how serious the magazine business really is. I would of never thought that making a fake story would cause such a controversy.