what i’ve enjoyed in class so far

I have enjoyed a lot of the topics we’ve covered in class; i’ve considered myself passionate about mass media, but I never really gave much thought to the history or full scope it covers. Suprisingly, the two things I actually enjoyed in class were the two things I knew the least about: Comic books and the Tech talk we cover in the beginning of class. I never was interested in technological developments or any type of global trends – but the advancements other students have found and shared have been really interesting. I never would have thought to look at these articles or seek out this topic on my own.
I also liked the comic books – the video from Youtube was really interesting and it made me respect the comic cons/ book nerds I was normally dismissive off. I never would have considered comics a part of mass media. The origins of these superheros are quite legendary and if anything, its made me want to read actual comics to see what the content was over seeing the hollywood adaptions. I honestly thought comics were being included in the course because of their effects on merchandise, movies and marketing. but it is so much more than that.