If I could time travel and watch one movie when it first came out…

If I could go back in time and watch one movie when it first came out, it would be Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back.

That’s so random, why?

Back in those days, movies were pretty general and graphics were not that great. When a New Hope came out, people were stomping over each other trying to get good seats in the theater to see this revolutionary movie for science fiction fans! Fast forward to the 80’s when Empire Strike Back came out, people were anxiously waiting to see what George Lucas would do next. Little did those people know that one of the biggest plot twist ever was about to happen.

Yeah, that’s right, the quote “No, I am your father” was about to make an entire theater gasp in shock and I desperately wish I could have been there to see it! My mother told me when she first came to see it, the whole theater was in shock and all her friends could not stop talking about that major plot twist. I wish I could be a part of that crowd and watch that famous scene for the first time. (Side note: Empire Strikes Back is my favorite movie in the star wars franchise).

Movies are such a big part of life, especially for me. My boyfriend and I watch a new movie almost every single night (we even met at a movie theater!) and will continue to watch movies forever.

P.S. IMDB is life!



  1. I think it would be quite exciting to be in those times and see the buzz that was surrounding this movie when it first came out – it was probably very forward with all the computer graphics and detailed storyline. Nowadays we’re so used to CGI that we forget they had an origin. I’m not big into the star Wars series but I respect the detail to the plot and the complex character development.

  2. I personally have never seen Star Wars but I agree that it was probably great experience seeing it in theaters when it first premiered and not knowing that huge twist beforehand! I also agree that IMDB is amazing!

  3. Star wars: Empire Stikes back is in my top five favorite movies. I would rank it number one on the list as my favorite star wars movie.

  4. I loved this movie! Empire Strikes back was a really good one. My brother and I used to binge watch all the Star Wars movies when we were younger. He’d only be 3 or so which meant I usually ended up being the one to finish them. Great movies.

  5. What a glorious time for movies this was! I remember first watching the Stars Wars series when I was younger thinking it was so boring. As grew older and rewatched them I couldn’t believe how ignorant I was as a child lol.

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