Lord Raglan and Homer

I have seen movies In my lifetime and I mean a lot. Many movies have been amazing and others have been not so memorable. But what makes a hit movie ? after all a movie is nothing more than a visual story/ book.  I have been attending Valencia for two consecutive years now  and In that time I have taken three humanities courses with the same professor. Sean lake has a PhD in mythology and in all three classes he always talks about what makes a good hero. Not only the typical hero like superman and batman, but hero’s in general  or protagonist like some would say. Sean didn’t come up with this list by himself he referred to the twenty one characteristics made by lord raglan himself. And after taking a look at the list of characters on this list you would see that these are some very memorable characters and movies. People like Moses,Harry potter, Jesus and Zeus. So if one day you want to have a very successful movie you follow those 21 incidents,as they are called and also follow the ring composition developed by Homer. Homer basically created what it is now called ring composition. It is a story within a story, humans are naturally attracted to these type of stories. Even when humans communicate with each other we use ring composition we talk about something then we get distracted and eventually we come back to the main story so the patterns are there. So If you every want to create the movie of the year just combine the lord raglan hero incidents and homers ring composition.