90s Nickelodeon

90s Nick

One of the fondest memories of my childhood was Television. Being the only child, I had to seek “solo” forms of entertainment whenever my friends weren’t around. Nickelodeon was one of my favorite channels was ┬ábecause the shows were kid-friendly, and weren’t 100% “innocent” like the Disney Channel. My first favorite show was “Rugrats”. The adventures of Tommy, Chucky, Phil, Lil, and Angelica seemed so realistic, I always felt a part of the group. I had so many items from the show – a blanket, VHS and Cassette tapes, GameBoy Cartriges, the list goes on. I can even remember the first Rugrats movie, and all of the toys sold at Burger King for each character.

Rugrats Burger King Toys (YouTube Review)

Another favorite show was Hey Arnold. I always wanted Helga to get her long-awaited wish of dating him. No matter what she did, I was always on her side, and considered Arnold a stupid boy who couldn’t realize her love for him. Hey Arnold was like a kids’ animated soap opera, because the show would always teach you something, whether it was about family issues, how to do well in school, or how to be the coolest kid in your neighborhood.

Other live action shows I enjoyed were All That, Kenan and Kel, and The Amanda Show. Good Burger (the skit from All That turned into a movie), is still an all-time favorite. I will never forget any of these shows, and I’ll still watch them periodically on YouTube whenever I’m stressed about being a “college student”. Back then, I always imagined what my life would be like if I were older and “in charge” like my favorite actors on Nick’s live-action shows. Now, I wish I could go back to that time.