I’m a TV show Junkie

I am a TV show junkie. I have watched so many different series. Some are still on weekly and some I binged watched on netflix. I’m a huge fan of sitcoms, crime shows, and the supernatural. One of my top favorite sitcom would have to be Friends. I have watched every episode from all 10 seasons a million times and it never stops being funny. I can quote it at any time and know just about everything about the show. It’s got such a fun humor that will make anyone laugh and there’s a character for everyone to relate to. My other top favorite sitcom has to be It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I recently binged watched the 10 seasons that are on netflix and I couldn’t get enough of it. It has this dark humor that no other show has. They push boundaries that most writers are afraid to. I’ve re watched so many of the episodes and they’re even funnier the second time.

When it comes to crime shows my favorites are Law and Order SVU and Criminal Minds. I have seen almost every episode of SVU from seasons 1-15 and I’m watching season 16 on demand. It centers around the Special Victims Unit of the NYPD. Every episode is suspenseful and you come to love every detective even when they leave the show. Sometimes the crimes are similar to past episodes but they always throw a huge twist in there. I have recently gotten into Criminal Minds and I love it. It centers around the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI and the way these detectives can analyze people is insane. You really get into the ‘minds of criminals’ and you really come to love all of the detectives. Each episode is in a different city and all the criminals are so different.

When it comes to shows about the supernatural my two favorites are The Walking Dead and Teen Wolf. Every Sunday my family and I watch the Walking Dead and text each other during commercials. We all love it so much. It’s a show about the zombie apocalypse but its not based around the zombies, they never even say the word zombie. It’s all about the characters,how they survive this new world, and how it changes all of them. I always try to predict what will happen next but I am never right! You really never know whats going to happen. Teen Wolf is about a group of teenagers who get sucked into the secret world of the supernatural. Like the movie the main character is Scott and gets turned into a werewolf. Scott and his friends are constantly fighting for their lives against supernatural creatures all while trying to get through high school. It’s dark but also has it’s comic relief here and there.

These are all some of my top favorite shows and I highly recommend them all.