Television is unique you go to it for information, entertainment, and knowledge. However most weather stations lack the ability to correctly predict the weather. Favorite movie show would have to be the office by far. No character will be ever be as naturally comical as Michael Scott. Also enjoy watching parks of recreation. Andy Dwyer is my favorite character on the show. When I’m looking for knowledge and adventure I go to discovery channel. Man vs. wild is my second favorite show on discovery. My first favorite show is Diesilbrothers. Mostly because I myself have a truck and their show is all about creating the most badass trucks from scratch. I will own a diesel brothers truck before I die. Some downsides to tv are watching too much tv, being lazy, watching too much of the office. So, not too many downsides. However, there are some pointless shows on tv. I don’t think any reality tv show should ever be aired again. Theres nothing good about them. They need another season of the office. Im all about big Tv’s who doesn’t love an unreasonably big tv. Super Bowl parties, fights, NFL Sundays are always at whoevers house has the biggest tv. I recently bought a 120 inch projector and screen for the last super bowl. I highly recommend the investment to all. Television is one of our greatest technological inventions.