Comic books

As much as I thought of comics being rare, a lot of people people read them. I was surprised to find that it is well, quite common. As a child I was always reading, trying to find some sort of adventure through a book. I never liked the idea of having pictures already in front of me. Personally I like the author to paint a picture in my head and not a literal picture right in front of me. Not that there is anything wrong with comic books (trust me I have no room to talk). I just never felt comfortable reading in that format. Also, when I think of comic books, I automatically think of superheroes and Science fiction was never in my preferences. Today I find more and more people who enjoy reading comic books and still I am surprised. Now lately, superheroes movies are trending. For example, The Avengers, Captain America,Deadpool, Iron Man, and so on. All of these movies started out as a comic book series first. I think its interesting how one form of mass media can transfer to another. These people who spend their time reading comics books, I can relate to now. Whenever a book is being turned to a movie I try to read the book first. That’s so I can point out major or minor details that differ from the book. I know now how people who read comic books feel when they watch the movie. It is a great feeling to see something you once held and loved, make it to the big screen.