Star Wars

One of my favorite movies that I have seen recently has got to be Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I could not wait another day to watch the movie so I was first to get my ticket to watch it opening night. I went to watch it with my younger brother who is also a Star Wars fanatic. The movie starts with a storm trooper who turns good and helps a member of the resistance escape. The storm trooper make friends with Rey, the main character, as they begin their quest that would turn into a battle with the first order. Along their journey Han Solo and Chubaca tag along to assist them. Towards the end, the group is in territory of the first order as Han Solo is killed by his son Kylo Ren in attempt to save his son from the dark side. Rey goes on the defeat,but not kill Kylo Ren, in a lightsaver battle where Rey discoverers her powers of the force within her. The map to the long lost Luke Skywalker is found in a brought to life R2D2. The movie ends with Rey traveling all the way to the location of Luke Skywalker where she sees him and the movies leaves off with the impression of him becoming Rey’s master and to train her in the ways of the force.