“Eeeeee-Errrrrr-dunNUNdunDunnn-akfhsdfjkhgdogkhjgoi” -Dial-up

That was the first thing I heard when I wanted to go on the computer as a kid. When I was younger the internet was this cool new¬†thing I used to chat with friends. IM-ing was the most convenient and fun thing to do with your friends at home. When I was little I had AOL so I had a blast creating chat rooms and talking to people. Fortunately the internet evolved quickly so I was able to spend my free time on lousy sites like Runescape, Club Penguin, and of course I was living the dream on the internet. When I got older I mostly spent my time going on Youtube (for hours if I may add), (because Im a terrible person), and my favorite….MYSPACE! Oh how I loved Myspace. Not only could I customize my profile, change my song, I could add pictures to decorate my page! Apart from the hundreds of viruses my computer would catch daily, Myspace was the best thing on the internet. I remember having “Top Friends” and changing them whenever I was mad at someone. (Yes I was THAT petty) Myspace will forever be my favorite social media of all time. To be honest I miss the site and I hope that it becomes popular again! I just want to create my profile and have it correspond to my song again. One day Myspace and I will meet again. Probably not; but it was fun while it lasted.



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