The internet is awesome. Enough said.

One time my mother and I were arguing about my grades in school. After about 5 minutes, she finally said to me “You have no excuse not to get the answer, you have a cell phone with internet!”. Of course, she is right!

People always accuse our generation of being lazy and useless because of our cell phones and fancy computers. I think that is BS! Truly, I do. For the first time ever, people have unlimited access to all kinds of information! Whether or not we use it for good or bad, that is our decision. But even still, we have that choice!

Not only does the internet give us access to information of all kinds, we also can use it to look up places to eat, places to go, book trips, read books, even check our bank accounts! Isn’t it true that the Top 10 most demanding jobs of 2016 all have to do with the internet and did not even exist 10 years ago?

Even with all the negativity about cell phones and computers, the internet has been one the most revolutionary inventions/discoveries ever! Honestly, without internet, I know that my life would be significantly different than how it is currently. Homework would be different, work would be different, even contacting my friends who dont live near me would be significantly harder.



  1. Yes! You are right. The internet is awesome and life as our generations has, it would be hard without it. Great post.

  2. I feel the same way! The internet is an amazing thing and it has helped our generation in so many ways!

  3. Your post is funny! I don’t think there is anybody that would ever say, “yeh, I hate the internet” lol. And that old lady meme though! Thanks for the laugh 🙂

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