The internet

It’s crazy to think how much the internet has advanced since were kids. I remember being 6 years old sitting at the computer table in the living room where the big block of a computer screen sat on top and the giant tower underneath. It would take 10 minutes just for the computer to turn on but you couldn’t use it if someone was on the phone. At that age all I used to do was play computer disc games and those games that came on the computer. But the internet wasn’t really a big thing for kids then. We all played outside and played with toys like bop it, skip ball, and hula hoops. Then as I got older I started instant messaging on AIM. At the time a lot of people my age had started getting cell phones, especially razors. So AIM didn’t last too long. I remember my first cell phone had a tiny screen above 12 buttons. It took a good minute maybe more to send a text because you had to press each button a few times to get to the letter you wanted. Then one day facebook became the big thing and the Iphones started to be everywhere. Things took off from there. Computers got smaller, faster, and way more advanced. Iphones did the same. Social media spred like wildfire. And before I knew it kids weren’t playing outside anymore. Kids weren’t getting bop its and skip-balls anymore. They were getting cellphones, laptops, ipads, and everything Apple. The internet took over the world and our generation and up was there to watch it happen. Society changed so fast for our generation and while most adults see the internet as a terrible thing but there are so many benefits to it. Being able to talk to anybody anywhere, parents being able to know where their kids are at all times, people are able to express themselves in all new ways with all the different types of social media. 13 years ago the internet was only in our desktops at home and now we hold the internet in the palm of our hands.┬áThe internet has made such a huge leap since we were kids and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes as we get older.