First experience

I still remember the first time I heard about this internet. It has become one of those faint permanent memories. I remember it like it was just yesterday I had gotten out of my little league baseball game and my coach was giving my friends and I a ride home since we all lived near each other,but first we stopped by this building and I remember just sitting in the van waiting when one of my friends came back and said ” hey man they have internet inside, it is so cool”. Of coarse it was all in Spanish because I was in Dominican Republic. It was a rainy day so I decided to stay in the van, but my other friends went inside to take a look at this new thing that was called the Internet. When they came back,they were all so very excited when they got back. I clearly remember them talking about it. They were saying things like “it is so fast “,”That thing was so cool “. But my first encounter with the internet did not come until I was about 7 when my family bought their first computer. The first thing I did was play pinball. I do not clearly remember what was the first thing I went on when I got on internet explorer. The only thing I do remember was my first social media site. It was And until this day I believe that it is the greatest social media site. The site had an extreme level of customization you could really make it represent who you are but sadly in the lifespan of social media Myspace in long gone. What was your first internet experience?


  1. “Hey man, they have internet inside!” is a pretty great quote to sum up what it was first like to learn about how great the internet is. I think its awesome that you still remember your first experience dealing with the internet. Personally, the only thing I remember is playing on club penguin as a kid but thats about it. Great post!

  2. My first internet experience was the Disney Channel website. Commercials featuring shows like Lizzy McGuire, Kim Possible, and The Proud Family advertised their respective web pages. Each show had their own interactive game which I couldn’t get enough of. I also visited the PBS kids website often for Arthur, Dora the Explorer, and Zoom games.

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