The cell phone has been and still is a big part in everyday life. It is still shocking to me that the guy who created the first cell phone is still alive which means that the phone has not even been around for 100 years yet. Cell phones have come in all shapes and sizes, when they first came out phone were very big a great example would have to be the phone that zach morris used in the hit tv series Saved By The Bell.¬†Ever since then phones have gotten smaller faster and smarter, But there has been a change in the phone industry and it seems to be that now phones are getting bigger like the iphone 6s and the new galaxy s7. So now they are bigger smarter and faster. Another feature¬†that has become standard in phones is the touch capability. Every phone that comes out has the touch capability. I still remember the first phone that I got it was what I called the rock. It was a grey flip phone form Motorola. After that I moved on to the grey brick from tmobile,all of you know which one i’m talking about. I was always behind on the phone trends because my parents were the ones buying me the phones not myself so I had no say. Right now I am using the iphone 5 I am behind since the iphone 7 is already being rumored about but it seems to be that every year a new phone is coming out and its the same as the last but with 1 or 2 new features so I believe every 3rd generation is worth buying because there will be a big difference.