Social Media

I have 6 social media accounts that I check every day, a hundred times a day. I can honestly say I am a little addicted to social media but I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. Social media has taught me so much and I feel like it’s been really good for our society. I love seeing what’s going on in the world and seeing all the different things people post throughout the day. And every social media site is so different. On Instagram you see hundreds of pictures a day, some are amazing, some are funny, and some are just awful but you never know what you’ll see. And I just love posting pictures! I love taking a bunch of pictures when I go somewhere then editing them later. And Instagram introduced selfie culture which I think has been such a huge step in changing society’s beauty standards! On Twitter I see thousands of different tweets on my timeline daily. Twitter is so great because people post things that are so funny and I can see what’s going on all over the world and see what’s new in the media. Twitter also helps people have a voice in big issues that are going on. People can be apart of big arguments just by putting a hashtag at the end of a tweet or even just tweeting something and having thousands of people retweet it. On Tumblr it’s a whole different thing. When you follow people on insta and Twitter you usually know who it is but on tumblr you have no idea who you’re following. Tumblr is a blogging site and people’s blogs don’t usually have a picture of them. People mostly post pictures that they take, edit, paint, draw, etc. and other people reblog them so they show on their own blog. It’s a great site because of the animosity and the fact that everyone is completely themselves and who they want to be. You can post pictures, text posts, videos, audios, links, and you can message people. You can make your blog look like whatever you want and give it a theme or just post/repost random things. Social media has its downsides but I think social media has been great for society in that people have a whole new way of connecting and expressing themselves and just being who they are. It’s also helped to much with getting people to be more accepting of each other and teaching people about so many things that aren’t usually talked about in school or at home. I might be addicted to social media but I do think they have taught me a lot about people and myself. I think out generation should embrace our tech culture and see where it goes in the future.