Embrace Your Self[ie]

Social media is our generation’s symbol. I feel that other generations do not understand our dependency on technology. Well, since the beginning of time anything new or innovative is considered technological. Our knowledge has evolved quite rapidly if you ask me, specifically in the medical field. Our life expectancy now has increased immensely. GO SCIENCE!


So as time passes, things are expected to change.

To my grandma, everything is a “Nintendo”. I could be on the computer and she will tell me to get off the “Nintendo” and that I depend too much on it. Not to mention this is the same thing her parents used to tell her with the television.

Well grandma, its 2016 and times have changed.

Although I do not spend my whole day on the computer or phone, I embrace our generation and its “techy” environment.

This world is filled with many new ideas and such creative people. As much as people complain about this generation, I couldnt be more proud. It is encouraged to be different and not be afraid to speak your mind. We are learning to use our voices (some more than others). But I think its great. I am so excited to continue my journey of life learning what new ideas and innovations that this world has.

So go on and take that selfie, post a status, or even take a hundred photos of your first healthy breakfast in months. As trivial as all of those things sound; it is what makes us different.


  1. Great Post. I really enjoyed your input on social media and the way it makes us different in this modern age. Good post.

  2. I feel the same way! Our generation should embrace this tech culture and be excited for what is to come!

  3. I totally agree with your post. I think this generation should find more ways to expand the technology we are using for social media. Great post!

  4. i like the pride you have in embracing the social media trends for our generation. The scientific advancements that can be done gives great opportunity for one to discover themselves and social issues. The effects of social media has really helped in the advancement and continuance of Bernie Sanders campaign for one. And of course it helps people find assistance and like-minded individuals if they are transitioning (Those makeup contour videos?!! YAAS). So the potential for advancement is widespread.

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