I love how much the internet has evolved. One thing I have mixed feelings on it, is its ability for you to be in your own world and filter your communication. If you have a bias or a socially taboo fixation you can go on the internet and be a whole new person. You can get on tumbler or find wesbites that cater to your preferences and in some cases expose yourself more than intended. I had a friend I hadn’t seensin years and we finally met up for drinks a couple weeks ago – turns out he is part of an online conspiracy group that is very anti-Semitic. It was quite awkward but he was very passionate about how the internet allowed him to discover all these theories on the government and whatnot. It was an awkward meeting lol.

But the internet can also help you with efficiency. For a year I didn’t have a car so it limited my socializing and made tasks difficult if it involved using the bus. (Time is money yall, one can not live life in taxis and this was before uber). One perk, was discovering online shopping for my clothes and groceries. There is a plethora of fresh grocer companies that will send you healthy foods you can cook at home as well as delivery companies you can order through the internet. For other things you can order through amazon or a store directly. What was nice about shopping online, was you could find disconnected or clearance items you wouldn’t normally find in stores anyway.

Another perk of the internet is that it allows you to explore your education. You can subscribe to newspapers cheaply and not waste paper- you can also take online courses that cater to your interests. Companies for hobbies like Beachbody on demand have streaming services that specifically are for at-home internet use. In a creepy way, you can do everything you need to through the internet. One major drawback is the lack of direct communication – resulting in increased slang/emojis, blurred privacy and raging self absorbed behavior. I think everyone has a friend who is always on the internet posting on social media for ‘likes’ and usually unable to go anywhere or do anything without having to post it for everyone.