Smart phones and dumb people.

As much as I love to scroll through facebook or search the internet, I sometimes feel as though a part of how we interact with each other is lost in all the social media.

Dont get me wrong, I truly believe that the internet has revolutionized the way we see society. Social Media on the other hand, I believe is starting to isolate to people. Sometimes at work, I will be cleaning the Kids Department and look over at the mothers sitting in a corner on their cell phones. Most of the time their children are destroying the place and they don’t even look from facebook for two seconds to check on them. Even in my own experience, social media has made it hard for simple social interactions. More than once I have gone on a date and the person spends the whole time on their phone even after all the attempts I make to spark conversation. We no longer see the need to be around people if having a group message will be enough.

Social Media has its good points, but as we see social media evolve I think we will start to notice how sad human interaction devolves.

Random side note: I love this video! It shows how social media has taken over our lives in a negative way.



  1. I completely agree! It’s so sad, because people no longer feel the need to interact with each other. It’s almost like a “chore” now. People have the ability to connect with millions, but in the “real” world, people are more isolated. People today only enjoy connecting with current and past friends, but hate the thought of making new ones. People fear people and social media is an outlet for those who refuse to encounter that fear.

  2. I agree we have lost our social skills because of social media. Face to face conversations are a thing of the past. Which is sad because you can’t connect as well with someone through social media as you can in person.

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