the evolution of social media

In the last ten years, social media has risen and overcome most other means of communication. The tie-in through phones has made anyone a social hermit in most cases if they choose not to engage in the latest trendy app. ‘You don’t have a facebook?” “You’ve never heard of twitter?” easily shows the generation gap between the 40+/under crowd.
I have had a facebook since it was exclusive to college students and I was attending a university. Its funny how I have been into social media since high school when AIM was big and recalling the evolution in snapshots. From me and my girlfriends cramming into our dorm and look up people’s facebook and gasp over their ‘revelations’ (which most of the time was just someone confirming their sexuality) to being laughed at years later at an internship for suggesting the company pages on facebook and twitter to reaching our listeners because they felt having a myspace was ‘good enough’.
I like social media and the various apps that have come from it; I have a facebook, twitter, instagram, I go on pinterest, read yelp reviews, done POF & Tinder. What I don’t like about social media is its increased trend of what I call ‘keyboard courage’. People love being negative and brazen on social media. If you had a bad experience somewhere, all you can do nowadays is write a bad review online and tag the company in it for all to see and chime in their judgements. It removes the direct communication from in person to digital and that can be dangerous. Years ago I read a bad review about a co-worker on tripadvisor which got him in trouble for bad publicity despite the obvious tone that the reviewer had a personal issue with him and not him doing an alleged poor job. People feel comfortable making comments they would never say to your face and hide behind their shares. I can recall many former friends I have had to block or end relationships with because of their oversharing narcissism or blantly offensive posts that exposed deep rooted ignorance.

Social media has many perks, but its outlet for bullying has become too easy.