video games

Growing up the only video gaming system we had was an Atari (my older brother’s) and a Super NES. We had some pretty cool games, but we mostly stuck to Mario world and Donkey Kong. I never really got into video games but it was a fun way to blow off steam and relax after a long day. I owned a Super NES up until 2010 and then I sold it – which I regret because it was a fun hobby and the games I had were worth more than what I received for it. I owned all the Donkey Kong & Super Mario games, I had Claymation, a couple Simpsons games and some Disney games. If I could I would like to buy a Super NES again just to have – thankfully they’re not too expensive and there are multiple consoles that adapt nowadays. I can see how people become addicted to it because you become lost in a surreal world yet become immersed in an environment you can control and manipulate. It is quite rewarding to discover hidden levels or find hacks to skip ahead.
Gaming has evolved a lot since the Super NES, I remember being so impressed by the graphics of Halo and the explicit fun of Grand theft auto. My young nieces have games on their ipods and its really interesting how the games can be catered to any audience. A lot of celebrities are into gaming and if you pay for play, it can be a crazy source of revenue. I had Fruit Ninja & Sudoku on my phone and that was pretty much the depth of gaming I have done as an adult. I have never played farmville or accepted any of the facebook game invites.