Video Games

I grew up with an older brother so there were always video games and gaming systems in the house. When we had the old desktop computer we had this Jurassic Park game that I played all the time. You had to run across from tree to another to get a first aid kit and run back. The challenge was there was a T-Rex in the field behind the trees and if it saw you you died and each level there was more space between trees. It was challenging at the time and so much fun. When we had a play station 2 there was this Spongebob game that was so much fun. You played as spongebob and there were different challenges you had to beat to get to the next level. Another game we had was Rampage: World Tour. In the game you are one of three monsters: George the giant gorilla, Lizzie the giant lizard, or Ralph the giant rat. You had to go around a city climb up the buildings and destroy them. I played it constantly it was so much fun. Another game we had was Spyro. In the game you are Spyro, a little purple dragon and you go around with his friend Sparx the dragonfly. You have to go through levels and free Spyros dragon friends from crystal prisons while dodging obstacles. But my favorite play station came was Dance Dance Revolution. I played it constantly and got pretty good at it. The game came with a foam mat that had four arrows on it and on the screen you would pick the level of difficulty and the song you wanted. It was basically guitar hero with your feet, and I was a lot better at it. When I was about 7 I got a gameboy and I would play that all time. Mario games were a big thing in my house so I had a lot of those. Eventually we got a Wii and the play station stopped working. We had Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros., Mario Olympic Games, Wii Sports, and my favorite, Just Dance. I played Just Dance all the time and me and my friends used to challenge each other to see who could get the highest score. My brother eventually got an Xbox 360 and I was terrible at all of the games he had for it. I tried Call of Duty because my friends loved it but I was horrible at it. When we would play they would kill me a hundred time throughout the game. And when we would play zombies I would die within the first 10 minutes. I don’t play video games much anymore but when I do it’s either a Mario game or a dance game

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