I used to not be a big fan of gaming growing up. My parents would not allow me to own a console, so the only time I ever got to play video games was when I was at my friends house, and when I would go to their houses and play video games with my friends they would always dominate me in play because I would never have any game play experience. So one Christmas when I was ten years old my parents finally got me a game cube, that I had been dying to have my entire life. So, like any other kid in the world that had a game cube, I immediately became addicted to the game Super Smash Bros. It was signal handily the most fun I’ve ever had playing any single video game. After the whole game cube phase got played out, I decided to get my self a play station. I never really liked the play station, I got it and would never really play it much, so during that time in my life gaming was not a thing for me. Now fast forward present time, I got myself an Xbox One and purchased FIFA 16 for it, and that is the only video game I play/own for my console and I do not believe I will ever branch out to any other video games again.