As a kid a had a nintendo– both the n64 and super one I think. I absolutely loved playing games like Donkey Cong, Siper Mario brothers, Pac Man, and a few others who’s names are escaping me right now. I would come home from school and play for hours, my face glued to the television screen and I pushed myself to beat level after level, until eventually my mom would demand that I take a break saying something like “you’re going to go blind from looking at that screen for too long!” I couldn’t help it though, I was truly hooked. As I got older though, those video games were replaced with things like parties, and boys, and makeup, and shopping. It wasn’t that I stopped liking them, they just weren’t on my list of daily priorities anymore. When the play stations came out, my brother got one and I’d occasionally play games on it with him, but it wasn’t the same as my good old Nintendo (s); with their simple x,y, a, b up/ down/right/ left functions. Now, incorporated in this controller were all kinds of other crazy buttons which detracted from the simplicity that I had once loved about video gaming. Not that I couldn’t master the new design; I didn’t want to.Sadly, gaming had completely lost it’s appeal to me after that.