Not Gonna Reach My Telephone….



That is the sound of the default ringer for the telephone. Well now, it seems to sound like whatever it is you want your ringer to be. My ringtone for example, are duck noises. When the phone was first invented it was solely used for person A to communicate with person B. Well thanks a lot technology. Not only ca we ave several people in a call, WE CAN SEE THEM WHILE WE TALK! Whoa!

Phones have evolved so quickly that each day I am learning something new. Having a smartphone today is pretty much like having a  computer wherever you go. Put down that laptop because times have changed and you can look up whatever it is you are curious about in the palm of your hand.

One thing I do have to admit that I do not like is texting. Don’t get me wrong. I use it often because texting is much more convenient than calling. Just I personally would rather hear the person’s voice if I can not see them face to face. I only have an issue with texting is when you can talk but you choose to text instead. I have had multiple issues not knowing the tone of the conversation. Sometimes I can read a text as sarcastic, which in reality is not what it was meant to be. Hearing someone’s voice is much more heartfelt to me. Alright, end of rant!

Cellphones are great. And each day I am surprised with more and more new technology that comes with it.