This is My Idea of Fun, Playing Video Games

Video games are fun a full of many choices.

My favorite game of all time is the Sims. I absolutely adore that game. I just love how personal the experience can be, not to mention how entertaining! First off, you start by making an avatar. An avatar is a customization representation of yourself within a game. Then you are given choices as to where you’d like to live. This depends on how much money you have, which in the beginning you are broke as dirt. If you are not pressured into using cheat codes to get money (like I did), you search for a job and earn your money like a good sim. (Boring)

Working that 9-5 job can get boring, which is why the Sims offer many things to do in your free time. You can go to the park and meet some friends, learn an instrument, learn how to paint, or even start drama!

Drama is fun and honestly mean, but who cares? You can fall in love with that some special sim, look into their eyes and kiss someone else right in front of them.

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The sims is a fun game. I used to play in my free time. So I can honestly say that I am not a gamer. And if you are not a gamer either, that is okay. I am perfectly content with playing just the Sims. I give credit to anyone who regularly plays games because it is a lot sometimes. The sims is a simple game for those who arent really into videogames.


  1. I have never played the sims before, but it seems like a cool game.

  2. i have played Sims – before I knew it, 4 hours had passed lol. Its evolved so much from when it first started there is so much to do now. I used to not think much of gaming but seeing how it can be a profitable career and great outlet for digital content, i’ve become impressed.

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