Video Games

Throughout my childhood, video games has become a huge part of my life. I first found my passion for video games as a young child playing Mario kart on the Nintendo 64. From blowing in cartridges to cleaning CD’s I enjoyed all of my leisure time pursuing the story modes of ¬†the Mortal Kombat series, Mega-man series, and Halo series. As the years went on, i evolved alongside the video game industry and their plethora of technological advancements. throughout the early 2000’s i continued this trend by purchasing consoles and trying out the newest games. My skills in performing basic task in video games has allowed me the opportunity to alpha and beta test new games before their release. ¬†Throughout my time playing various online video games, I’ve been able to network and meet different players with some happening to be developers and designer of the games. I will continue to game for the rest of my life and hopefully past on the appreciation of gaming to my children.