Video Games

Video games have never been a big part of my life. When I  was younger I had a Sega and PlayStation and I would play typical games like Sonic and Crash Bandicoot from time to time with my brother or sister. I wasn’t the type of kid that could just sit around for hours and stare at a television screen I had to constantly be doing something especially outdoors. However, I know for a lot of my friends video games were their escape from reality. It allowed them to enter an alternate universe where they were their favorite super hero or video game character. Video games today are completely different from what they were 10 or 15 years ago. There are so many different options as well they are not strictly console only you can play games online, your phone or Facebook. The premise of the games are a lot different as well, there not all sports games or cartoons. Games today allow the user create their own world like the Sims. It’s amazing how much video games have evolved and will continue to evolve. They allow people to create their fantasy and bring it to life digitally. I have met people that would prefer to be at home playing video games rather than going out to meet new people which I find a little disturbing. I understand being shy and a little socially awkward but not to have human interaction is not healthy. I understand the allure of video games but not them taking over your entire life.


  1. I agree with that video games have never been a big part of my life neither. I’ve owned consoles and played video games, but it would always just be something I’d do if I was bored.

  2. It’s sad when prior become so addicted to video games that they resent social interaction. They miss out on so many opportunities to make new friends.

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