The thing about video games is that it gets a bad rap for all the “damage” its done. Many people, including my own family, always thought the reason for violence was because of video. On that subject, we have always agreed to disagree.

Although there have been some cases where the violence done by an individual is directly related to video, usually because the individual is not able to distinguish game from reality, many times its not the video game to blame.

I once attended a lecture in which the speaker told us that a lot of people blame heavy metal music and video games for the violence but in reality, the violence was already there inside them. They always felt hateful and frustrated and the only thing that kept them sane until they finally snapped.

I am not trying to justify the individual responsible for mass shootings, I am trying to say that video games are not the reason for it. I always considered those who do blame video games to be blind. They are blind to the real problems.

Personally, I have never been much into video games.┬áMy mother never allowed me to play when I was growing up and it wasn’t until I was 19, moved out, that I bought an Xbox and I absolutely love it. I love playing certain games and they are good escape from reality sometimes. I love admiring the graphics in games and the creativity done behind it. Video games have come a long way and there is