A New Break Up Anthem

Ariana Grande, the Dangerous Woman singer, has yet again brought the industry another hit. Her new song titled “Thank You, Next” is now the break up anthem the world has been needing. Grande’s song isn’t like the typical break up song you’d expect. It’s not the type where you would be eating a pint of ice cream and bawling your eyes out while thinking of your past lover. Instead it’s empowering. With her new song she has women around the world thanking their exes for helping them grow. She calls each ex boyfriend out, literally, thanking them for being apart of making them her. It also touches on self love where she references herself and how she’s teaching herself love, patience and pain. The upbeat track may throw some shade towards her ex lovers but overall is about herself. The song puts a positive light the idea of ending a relationship overall as she even says “I’ve loved and I’ve lost but that’s not what I see.” Ensuring that although it may be over it wasn’t a waste and that she is most definitely thankful.


    College Freshman