Why Music Means so much to People


Music is one of the few things left in the world that can really make a light of a bad and/or depressing situation. It’s not just the music or the song itself, but the words in the song & what the meaning of the song entails. For some, they use the words in the song in order to help motivate & drive them to succeed. For others, they’ll use hear a song and relate to it because it brings them back to a point where they dealt with the same or similar situation in their life. Music has and always will be apart of people’s lives. Another thing about music & songs that people share a huge connection with is the artist. Some artists have a way of making the song & music feel even more inspirational and have more meaning behind it. For me music by Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber give me that inspiration & motivation.


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    Jonathan Orellano

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